A loose tooth!

We’ve entered into a new phase!  One which the girls have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for!  LOOSE TEETH!  OMG so exciting!  It really is exciting.  Last year in preschool one of the girls’ good friends had lost three teeth already, so the girls have been anxiously waiting their turn. Well on Friday, Lydia discovered her bottom front tooth is loose!  She’s been wiggling and wiggling it and the thing is stuck on just by a thread at this point. Still no loose ones on Arlene, but we know it’s only just a matter of time.
Maybe the last all-baby-teeth intact smiling photo of Lydia we’ll get!
After we ate dinner Lydia was telling us that her tooth felt looser, so we told her she should try pulling it out.
Then Daddy tried. But it just didn’t want to come out.
Tee hee – this is her “please leave me alone now!” look. We did.
I was remembering that when I was little, my grandma had made me a tooth fairy pillow. So I got to work and whipped up pillows for the girls:
I made them out of fabric scraps – little flower pillows.
The “tooth pocket” is in the middle of the flower.
I put their names on the back and the year.
This one is Arlene’s.
Center pocket.
Her name on the back.
They wanted to play with the pillows but I put them up on their bookcase and told them that they were special pillows, only to be used when they have a tooth to put into the pocket.
Exciting times!

One thought on “A loose tooth!

  1. Mickey Dee says:

    I remember how exciting it used to be to have loose teeth, now just the thought of a tooth wiggling around “hanging by a thread” freaks me the heck out! I can't believe I used to yank them out. Gah!

    Those pillows rock!

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