Cupcake paaaaaaaarty!

The girls are into watching the show Ace of Cakes and Food Network challenge shows, such as the cake challenges and the new show Cupcake Wars. They constantly play “cake baking” – they stack and decorate their toys and trinkets into “cakes” and ask us which ones should win the contest. I decided they should have some fun doing the real thing. We went to Michaels to buy the supplies – I was going to buy some little cake pans and some fondant because they carry stuff from Duff, but oh wow, I don’t think I could have handled that. I need to do a little research to figure out how to work with it. So we chose to make cupcakes instead!  I even baked the cupcakes, and they were delicious!  The girls had a lot of fun – they were quite creative with their designs.

2 thoughts on “Cupcake paaaaaaaarty!

  1. How fun! I love the intensity on their faces while decorating! Tell them their cupcakes look AMAZING!!!!!! Maybe they could make some for T & I when we come down next!

    And YOUR cupcakes look VERY professional! I would buy those. You guys are so creative!

    P.S. LOVE the Jack cupcake

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