Happy, brave girl!

***If you’ve landed on my blog from searching the ‘net for info on tip toe walking or serial casting or AFO braces, hello. This particular post here is one in a number I wrote about my daughter’s tip toe walking. I encourage you to start with this post instead. It encapsulates our journey more succinctly.***

I was so nervous about Lydia’s casting appointment today, but for no reason – she did GREAT and it went very smoothly.  She did excellent. She was super still and quiet and the physical therapist kept saying that Lydia was making her job easier by being so good.  There was no pain – basically the therapist just stretched her feet out a little and then put the casting tape on in that position. Lydia will wear these casts for seven days. We’ll take them off next Monday evening. They are soft casts, so we’ll be able to unwrap them ourselves to take them off. They feel like a regular cast except they have a little give. She has her next appointment next Tuesday afternoon. She’ll get measured to see if her muscles have stretched, then she’ll be stretched a little further and get another cast on which she’ll wear for another seven days. She will probably have three casts for the next three weeks.
She’s doing superb with them!  Today she enjoyed all of the attention she got – she got Mommy and Daddy all to herself!  She has been playing as usual and is in great spirits. She told me this evening that she’s a little tired because she can’t walk on her tip toes, so her legs are tired. Which is to be expected, her muscles have to be re-taught to walk correctly.
I gave her a pedicure this evening, because I do believe that pink heart casts need to be accompanied by sparkly toes!   
I’m so proud of my brave girl!

6 thoughts on “Happy, brave girl!

  1. Hi Anonymous on May 29 – my daughter wore braces for a while. (She has not worn braces or had any sort of therapy in over two years, however.) She wore night braces for maybe a year and daytime ones for almost a year and a half, on and off.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hello Ladies….I have a 4 year old who didn't start out walking on her toes but has for the last two years. I'm just curious to see if these braces/casts worked and are they still working?

  3. @Nicole – Hi Nicole – the casts and the braces are two separate things. The casts did work for Lydia in that she wasn't able to walk on her tip toes after the casting was complete because her muscles were incredibly weakened. However, she regained her muscle strength and was able to walk on her tip toes again. For awhile before casting and after casting she wore orthodic braces and those do work. They help to reinforce the correct way of walking heel-to-toe. However, we stopped all corrective actions with Lydia and let her basically walk how it feels natural for her to walk, and that is on her tip toes. Lydia is almost 8 now and is a tip-toe walker. We have no plans for any other correction action in the near future, we're just letting it be to see if she's stop on her own.

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