It’s a dance party baby

 took a mini-vacation in the ‘ol camper this past weekend and half week. It was tons of fun. Sad it wasn’t longer; time went by too quickly!  We just love our camper!  It rained (actually it stormed, at times, severely stormed!) every single day we were there. But it did dry out for a few hours during the day and we had one good beach day that was full of sun! 
One rainy morning the girls and I had a dance party in the camper. We danced to 80s music. Because we’re cool.

{Note: when I redesigned my blog I had to remove the videos as embedded objects, instead I’m providing the links!}

Here’s the link to the video of girls shaking it: Video link

Isn’t that just too funny?  Cracks me up.  They’re both so serious at times.  Their faces mean business!
{I can’t get the videos sized right on here for some reason.}
Here’s Lydia bustin’ a move by herself: Video link
Here’s the link to Arlene’s solo boogie: Video link

I couldn’t record any more of Arlene’s dancing because I was cracking up!
{Those are the hubby’s feet on the couch – he’s lying there reading Eclipse! Hah!}

6 thoughts on “It’s a dance party baby

  1. HILARIOUS!!! I love them busting out retro dance moves!! And the one of Arlene at the bottom…..that move is awesome!!! I was cracking up!

    They are too funny!!! And they are really good!

    (good song selections as well!)

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