I wish I could freeze time right now

We had a wonderful camping trip this past holiday weekend. What made it even more enjoyable is the fact that my kids LOVE camping and they got enjoyment out of every ounce of the weekend. It was fun for us just to watch them have fun!
I was thinking that they are at the perfect age. Being five years old is AWESOME.  The girls are more independent, they’re exploring and learning new things too and eager to get out on their own, but yet still need Mommy or Daddy to help them with a few things. They don’t worry about a thing. They wear their little bodies out and sleep like rocks. Being outside, playing, running around, drinking juice boxes, eating donuts for breakfast, sitting around the campfire eating peanuts, and swimming = pure delight.
Bike riding is BIG this year.
Happy little bike rider. Safety first with bike helmets, of course. 
Lydia is a good, fast rider. Arlene has gotten much better this year too.
Swinging = fun!
Posing for pictures for Mommy and looking precious = pretty cool.
We walked down to beach and it was so hot and the water was so refreshing that I let them ….
… strip and go swimming in just their undies! They thought I was the coolest mommy ever to allow them to do that. They had SO MUCH FUN.  Constant giggles!
I want to freeze them at this age!  They’re just so much stinking fun right now!!

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