6 thoughts on “I’m quite spry for an 80-year old

  1. B. says:

    I want Mike to make me some pancakes, apparently they are good. That is if you guys don't pass away from old age. Ha ha ha

  2. HAHA! These are AWESOME!!

    You two look darn good for your age! I also like how you make the best birthdays! From the pictures alone I would agree!! And Mike must make some pretty tasty pancakes 🙂

    You must keep these! My mom and dad kept the one I did for Mother's Day that was put in the paper when I was in second grade. They asked what I loved most about my mom. I said, and I quote, “I love my mom because she makes good beef-a-roni.” The funny thing is, my mom has NEVER made me beef-a-roni. I have NO idea where I came up with that or why I said it. To this day my parents still laugh about it. Infact, for Christmas this year I got a can of beef-a-roni.

  3. WK – the “meatballs” to which Arlene is referring is hilarious – because I don't make meatballs, I warm up frozen meatballs from a bag, HAHA!

    These are definetely going into frames!

  4. HAA! How great are these?! I think I would like it too if you gave me $5.00. I think I would also like to eat your husband's pancakes… is that weird considering I don't know you personally?

    Too cute. 🙂

  5. Teehee – he DOES make good pancakes! He puts chocolate chips in them!

    Since the forms didn't have the line “my mom's job is” I asked the girls what they thought my job was. Arlene said I'm a “writer” and Lydia said I'm a “mommy” – both are correct! 🙂

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