Shop assistant

This weekend I was photographing some of my recent projects, which I plan to blog about later this week. I was taking photos of stuff inside my light box and I had a little assistant with me, Miss Arlene. She was fetching items for me and all around being very helpful while her sister was taking a nap, trying to sleep off a chest cold. She wanted to be a photographer too, so she got her little kid camera and began setting up a scene and taking pictures: 
Cute! She took a picture of her goggles with a little doll. Unfortunately the batteries in her camera were ka-put so she didn’t actually get any photos but she had fun pretending. I thought it was incredibly sweet.
And then we were in the kitchen taking a few photos and she brought her scene stuff in there. I let her snap a picture with my camera. The kid has good composition skills, no? Not to mention a super foxy main subject!

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