Copy cats

The saying goes that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But something has been going on with my kids lately, a form of copy-cat, and it’s truthfully freaking me out. They copy me. And not just copy what I say, although Lydia will sometimes do that too. They’re copying my actions. That cute picture of them up there? One evening a couple weeks ago I had sat down to work on a crochet project while we were all winding down with some TV and what not. The girls wanted to copy me. So they got out their sewing kits and sat quietly for 15 minutes and sewed with me. Majorly cute, yes. Which is why I snapped the picture. But they’ve been doing it more and more lately. And not just with the sewing; Lydia will copy me while I’m doing work on the computer. She’ll bring out her little princess computer and do her “work” which she tells me consists of her “writing about her day” (teehee!) or she’ll copy my hand motions and mannerisms while we’re eating dinner. Exactly copy them. Mirror image. I’ll ask her what she’s doing and she tells me, I kid you not, “I want to be just like you Mommy.”

All of this copy-cat business has made me realize that now that the girls are getting older, I’m no longer just “Maintenance Mommy” – Mommy who gets us dressed in the morning and feeds us and takes care of us, etc. etc. – I’m “Mommy Role Model” now. Gah! Pressure!

I am proud to be their Mommy and it is beyond humbling that they “want to be just like me.” I hope that I am setting a good example for them!

3 thoughts on “Copy cats

  1. That is so sweet that they copy you. …and a great thing to copy too!

    p.s. How did you learn to crochet? I would LOVE to learn, but have no idea where to even begin…

  2. SassyTimes – my mom taught me to crochet and then I've picked up more advanced stitches over the years. I am still learning too – I use YouTube for tutorials! I've seen at Michaels or Hobby Lobby kits for beginners – you could try one of those.

  3. this is sweet 🙂 And from what I saw you have two adorable, polite, imaginative, and hilarious girls so you must be an amazing role model for them!!

    (It was SO nice to meet you finally and hang out with your girls. I love them, they are too cute! Can't wait to see you in a month or so!)

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