Curly Girls

Many a day ago when I first started my Etsy account I had this image set as my profile image:

I had gotten it out of a vintage song book. I called her Curly Girl and also made and sold a half dozen pendants with her image:

Well now look! I have my very own REAL Curly Girls!! I snapped a pic of them on our way out the door to preschool:

The girls slept in curlers last night and OH MY GOODNESS I about died from the amount of cuteness that was radiating out of their little heads when I took the curlers out! Soooo precious! Lydia’s hair took especially well to the curlers, check out this mass of curl!

4 thoughts on “Curly Girls

  1. We used foam rollers on Arlene's hair and plastic rollers on Lydia's hair. The plastic rollers worked much better and stayed in better. I'm actually going to go buy more so I can put the plastic curlers on both.

    The plastic curlers we used were actually from the set I got from American Girl for the dolls, haha! They look just like perm curlers – plastic with an elastic band on them. We used papers on the ends too. I can't find an example anywhere online but I'm sure Target would sell the curlers or a beauty supply store.

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