Culinary masterpiece

It’s EASY BAKE OVEN TIME! Wooo hooo! I got the girls (me) an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. I never had one growing up, boo hoo, so this year I figured it was time, they were old enough (and I had waited long enough!) They were just as excited as I was to play with it.

Just look at that face!
Someone, we won’t name names, is missing from 99% of these photos, because someone had a tough time being a nice little girl while we were baking. So someone didn’t get to participate very much.

Mixing up the cake mix …

Mix, mix, mix.

Putting the mix into the pan.

Clearly, serious business. Putting the pan into the Easy Bake Oven.

Making sure it’s in there.

Oh look who makes an appearance!

Our masterpiece is cooling in its “cooling chamber”

Ummm, it’s a little flat.

Spreading on the chocolate frosting.

And of course, sprinkles!


We were surprised at how flat the cake turned out but it was pretty cute and LOADS of fun. It looked more like a cookie than a cake, but it did taste like a cake. And as Lydia told me, “It doesn’t matter what it looks like because it was made of love.” Teehee! She has such a hippie spirit. Love it. We have another cake mix to make up plus a cookie mix and a pretzel mix. Easy Bake pretzels! Cool!

And then to the fun didn’t end there! We decided to give the dolls makeovers. They had outfits changes and little Emily here is gonna look HOT tomorrow when we take her curlers out!

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