Christmas came and went!

Christmas is over! Already! It seemed to get here too quickly and then in a flash, it was over! The girls were so much fun this year! They were really into the Santa business and were very pleased that he brought them everything on their list (their lists were not that long, thank goodness!) They make us laugh so much when they’re opening up gifts. They’re soooo excited and also so grateful. After every gift Lydia opens she runs and gives the gift-giver a hug. She’s so sweet! Arlene is just thrilled with gifts, no matter what. Here’s a couple photos from Christmas, more are on my Flickr account, here.

Look at that grin! The girls got American Dolls this year – they are quite cute!

And here’s a couple vidoes of them Christmas morning. Lydia is opening her Fur-Real Cat which was her FAV gift and Arlene was opening the Barbie Camper. She had been concerned that Santa didn’t know how to make a Barbie Camper and that he wouldn’t be able to fit it on his sleigh. Little girl, Santa delivered!
(yes, the scary scratchy voice you hear around 0:15 is moi … I was needing some coffee, I think!!)

P.S. My mom made the girls’ PJ’s – and a matching set for their dolls too – cute!!

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