Tow! Tow!

It’s TOWING! We got about an inch of tow* on Tatterday and they were toooow extited. They wore their tetters, coat and towpants and built a towman!

Mr. Towman has baseball bats for arms.

And then a towfight commenced. Arlene is a little tinker!

And poor Daddy was helping them out by adding a mouth to Mr. Towman and Arlene did the whole lift-up-your-shirt-and-stick-snow-inside trick on him! He already had tow on his behind from where Arlene was throwing towballs at him.

Aw, tow cute!

* The girls have trouble speaking their ST or SN sounds. It’s a bit hilarious. It’s especially hilarious trying to correct them.
Mommy to Arlene:
“Say sNow.”
“It’s sssssnnnnnoooow.”

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