Following directions

I hardly ever, ever, make something that requires the use a pattern – be it to sew, crochet or whatever. My brain just isn’t wired correctly to follow the directions. I’ve tried sewing clothes from a pattern, and I just cannot do it. I’ve failed miserably. I prefer to create my own things, to come up with my own design and allow my creativity and materials to work themselves into an end product. However, this week I decided that I wanted a new purse. A crocheted purse. And I wanted to make it myself.

So I bought a pattern for this purse, a felted pleated purse. It was labeled “easy” but easy, it was not. I worked on it for three hours last night, and I It was maddening. I kept reading and re-reading the pattern and trying my best to stitch it exactly as written, but it just wasn’t working. So I gave up. I was so frustrated. I’m 99.999% sure it was user error on my part, but I’m not completely certain that it was all my fault. I purchased the pattern from Etsy, so I was thinking that perhaps it had a typo in it, a very crucial typo, or something? Either way, I had tried working the pattern so many different ways and nothing was working, so I pitched it.

I had purchased the yarn for the purse, so I have to use it up! I’m giving it another go.

I found this pattern on Etsy and it appears to be a tad bit simpler. It’s not as complicated with the pleats, the purse is smaller, and there’s no felting involved. Plus it is a lot cuter – I wish I would have found it first before making the purchase on the other pattern. Oh well.

Wish me luck! I’m determined now to crochet a purse!

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