See my work in Denver … and a sale announcement

If you’re ever in the Denver area, specifically, Bradburn Village in Westminster, go to the shop called Blossoming, and see my embroidered hand prints! I was approached by the shop owner to make up two handprint samples to put in her shop. I’m very excited about this opportunity and I hope it brings in some sales!

Click here to see the handprints in my shop. I love making these little handprint embroideries! If you have a little one you definetely should get a handprint embroidery! They’re darn cute and ready for hanging! I wish I would have thought of this idea when the girls were still babies, so I’d have a set of their prints throughout the years.

I’m selling the custom handprint embroideries for $28 in my shop for any size BUT just for my special friends and family who read this here blog, I’m offering them at the sale price of $20! If you’re interested, please send an email and we’ll get the process started.

And check out this Bradburn Village area … their web site is here. They host craft nights. Craft night people! I’d be delirious with joy living there, oh man!

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