Stamped baby-safe dolls!

I have received a few requests for baby-safe dolls, without the button eyes. I had a special order for a baby-safe doll a couple weeks ago and I ended up embroidering the eyes on, which ended up really cute – the recipient is just absolutely precious, check out this post!). But, I wanted to see if I could still offer the button-eye look for the babes, so I had the idea to improvise. So looky look! Here’s the result of my experiment with paint-stamping fabric! Now I have baby-safe dolls to add to the Two Stars shop! I’m pretty excited with how these came out.

I carved a button-eye stamp and a mouth stamp and set them into the fabric. It’s super easy to do, and I will for sure be making more dolls with this method, and maybe even designing some fabric to sell on Etsy. The stamps go on just like you’re using a regular stamp on paper, then you iron it on to set it permanently. To be sure they were truly baby safe I washed a sample, and that paint isn’t going anywhere! It’s stuck on there good. So these dolls are slobber proof for sure!

I made the skull/scissors (love that fabric!) doll for myself for this experiment, but then I made a boy doll for this little dude … which I will be giving him Friday when I see him. I apologize to his mommy for posting pictures, which sort of ruins the surprise, but I couldn’t wait to share! The boy dollie has a shorter body and a squatty bottom and he’s wearing pants. All of his seams are double-stitched so he’s pretty durable.

Tell me what you think – should I create a few more to add to my shop? And what do you think about the boy-doll design?

Now this is funny, the process to create the eye stamp was trial and error. The first button eye stamp I made was a bit large … it came out a little creepy. I’ve submitted it to the Craft Fail blog, because it cracked me up how sort of horrible it came out … but the end result was that I was able to modify my design with a smaller button stamp, which came out to be the perfect size. If my post makes it to Craft Fail I’ll post a link!
*** UPDATE! *** The creepy first version is on Craft Fail! Go here to see it!

4 thoughts on “Stamped baby-safe dolls!

  1. A. says:

    Love the boy dolls! BB is going to love his! It's a very good thing they are 'slobber proof'!

    I'm definitely in favor of adding a few to your shop. I think the baby-safe eyes are great.

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