I have an idea (and lots of projects to do)

I have an idea, and I really hope it works. I have wanted for awhile now to make my own fabric. I’ve long admired these fabric artists on Etsy – Summersville and Leanne Graeff. The screen print their fabric and/or had it professionally digitally printed based off of their digital designs. I know I can’t do anything on that scale (yet!) so I wanted to start small by stamping fabric. And then I got to thinking, why don’t I try to create a button design, and print button eyes on the fabric that I use to make my dolls. Therefore creating baby-safe dolls! So I bought some non-toxic, heat-set fabric paint (I went to the coooooolest art store which is right by my house, didn’t even know it existed!) and a Speedball carver and I’m set to start. I’m going to carve a button stamp and see how it goes onto the fabric. I hope it works, because if it does, then I plan to branch out with a couple other neat stamps that I have. Ooo, I could even make stamped tea towels! See, the possibilities are endless. My new print-making supplies:

I also plan to make a few little boy dolls … see this cool boyish fabric that I found? Isn’t that monkey print cute?! I have that in mind for a little boy I know!

This weekend I visited my favorite craft store and got a whole SLEW of quarter yards of fabric and I’m going to make myself a quilt! I looooove all of these prints! Especially the scissors print! I’ve never made a quilt before, so I’m just sort of going to wing it. I’m going to back the quilt with the scissors print on the far left, the pinkish one. (these pics didn’t come out the best, but you get the idea)

A closer look:

Stay tuned for a progress report!

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