The not-talking-beating-race game

The girls have created the It all started when we were in the car on Saturday. The trip was getting long because we got stuck in traffic. Lydia says, “Let’s have a no-talking race” which in toddler-speak means a race to see who talks first, the person who doesn’t talk wins. Mike and I really didn’t think they could do it. But they did! I told them that the person who won the race would get one Starburst when we got home. Lydia won the first race because Arlene is a giggly-butt and started laughing about something. Then they wanted to play again. Forty minutes and five games later, Lydia won three Starbursts and Arlene won two. And Mike and I enjoyed forty minutes of silence, interrupted by the occasional giggle to end the game. The girls were ecstatic about their game and their prizes. And they continued playing the game on Sunday, except prizes didn’t matter. They just played for FUN. And then my mom tells me they also played the game Monday at her house, no prizes involved. Whoah! How ingenious! The No Talking Beating Race is the best game ever! I hope they keep it up, but something tells me that they’ll soon realize that this game really benefits the adults, not them.

5 thoughts on “The not-talking-beating-race game

  1. A. says:

    My mom used to trick Jae and I into playing this game on road trips. I always lost because he would make faces and pick at me in an attempt to make me laugh or yell at him.

  2. LOL! We call this the “Quiet Game”. My kids are old enough to realize why I love this game and won't play any more – but boy did it save my sanity more than once!

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