I should pay her for looking so cute

One day this week I decided, because it was sunny, to take pictures of my dolls outside. I love my lightbox for the detail shots of smaller items, but sunny days make for the best pictures to use on Etsy in my shop. Lydia decided she wanted to help me, she is just so sweet. She helped me carry everything out to the backyard, then I let her pick out the dolls to photograph. She thought that was big stuff, to be able to choose which dolls went first. Then she said she wanted to be in a photo with a doll. This is the first photo I took of her:

I know, cute right?! So I decided to take photos of her with all of the dolls, to add them into the mix of photos in my shop. Check out the ones I have uploaded so far, here. Not only does Lydia add a sense of scale to the photos but also a huge amount of cuteness!

And what’s funny is that Arlene wanted absolutely no part in any of this. It’s fascinating how different they are!

I am slowly adding my doll stock to the shop … I’m taking my time doing it because it takes quite a bit of time. I’ve added a few magnets and hair clips too. Oh and also my custom embroidery.

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