Perhaps the cutest thing, ever

I am so delighted to share my newest craft project. It’s my mom’s birthday Thursday – Happy Birthday Mom! – and I made her a set of magnets. I had the girls make little drawings, then I embroidered the drawings onto linen, then I made them into buttons, then glued a magnet to the back. They are so darling! I love how they turned out. Arlene’s are in pink, Lydia’s are purple. I’m going to make a set for myself too, maybe two sets, one for home, one for the office! Here’s some pictures! There are more pics on my Flickr account, here.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps the cutest thing, ever

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great idea cuz! Phoenix has great drawings, griff too. But i never know what to embroider on. I may need to star a tapestry. U r way better at the needle than i!

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