Creativity & Social Skills

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a parent-teacher conference with the girls’ preschool teacher. I can tell she just loves the girls, which makes me happy. Of course I think they are enjoyable children ~ it pleases me when other people think so too. This was our mid-year conference.

The teacher said that Lydia has came out of her shell at school in the last few months; she’s become more social and more assertive. We’ve seen that at home too. It’s almost like she’s gained a new confidence, which is awesome. That also means she’s a bit more snarky at home and talks back more, but we’re working to control that. We had a talk with her about how Mommy and Daddy are always right, and she shouldn’t ever question what we say. She agreed. HAH! That’ll last. The teacher also said that Lydia is becoming much more creative and expressive. (YAY!) She has also mastered all of her colors, her shapes, and is beginning to recognize sight words.

Arlene has become more social in the last few months, the teacher said. She also said that the girls in the class all stick together for the most part, but that Arlene divides her time up equally with playing with the girls and the boys. Arlene has always been a little bit more tom-boyish than Lydia, so I’m not surprised. The teacher said that two of the boys play a little rough with toys, but Arlene is right in there with them, using the biggest car she can find to play cars with them. (ha!) Arlene also has highly developed fine motor skills, and is also becoming more creative. She also makes drawings for her friends, which the teacher said is an important social skill. She knows all of her shapes and all of her colors and is friends with everyone is class.

The teacher said that the girls are the only two kids in the school who are ready to start learning how to read by using sight words. (YAY!) She asked if we work with them at home on reading. Um, yeah! The girls have had books in front of their faces since they were wee little babies. They loooove books.

So proud!

Oh and they can both count to 31. Which is just perfect since that’s how old I’ll be in 12 days! They can count the candles on my cake.

2 thoughts on “Creativity & Social Skills

  1. “a bit more snarky”, eh? yeah olivia is doing that too. the other day she asked her daddy a question and when i answered she said “is your name daddy? i wasn’t talking to you.” needless to say that did NOT go over well w/ me. the things they learn @ daycare. geesh.

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