The Great Craft Disaster of 2009

Oh. My. Goodness.

I had the most major crafting disaster last night. It was horrid. I cried. I actually did.
Here’s the story … back around January, I had the idea that I wanted to do embroidered resin pendants: fabric embroidered then layered with resin. I found some cute bezels and got started on stitching up some designs. I spent a good deal of time stitching. Last night, I decided I was ready to get them into the bezels and to put resin over them.

I loved those cute little heart designs. Damn.

Double damn for this one – I loved the stitched alphabet.

I don’t know if it was because of the type of bezel I used, or because it was fabric and stitches (I usually use paper and usually don’t have any problems) but every single one overflowed. I carefully, very carefully, poured the resin into each of the bezel cups, and they lasted for about a minute, then watched in absolute horror as they each, in turn, overflowed. Once they start to overflow, there is no stopping. Resin has a mind of it’s own. You can’t scoop it back up into the bezel cup, you can’t fix it in any way. I couldn’t believe it that each and every one overflowed.

So, I will say this now, I’m DONE with resin. I’m so mad at resin right now that I vow to never make another resin pendant, ever. Except the problem is that I still have a bunch of resin and a bunch of pretty bezels. For now, I’m just putting it up and away. It’s not worth the trouble! I spent all that time stitching up tiny designs, for nothing!

I had planned on having the embroidered pendants at my craft show in May, but I’m just going to make dolls, and possibly some magnets (either fabric or bottle cap resin ones, depends on if I still hate resin). The only thing that made me feel better last night after this total debacle, was that I got out all of my new fabric and thought of the possibilities with dolls. Fabric makes me happy. Resin makes me cry.

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