A breath of fresh air

We have had a couple of really nice days here and it has just brightened up my spirit. I was getting down about all of the drab weather! Today’s high was 78, but tomorrow’s high is only supposed to be 47, and that’s how its supposed to be for the next week. Drat! We sure did enjoy this unseasonably warm weather while it was here!

Tonight after dinner we played in the backyard; it was still nice, but overcast – the girls got to ride in their car and play around. A few pictures:

I have no idea where Lydia gets her “poses” from! I think it’s from her daddy.

Notice the jacket? Oh yeaaaah. It’s her favorite.

Lydia driving the car.

The girls clowning around.

Arlene had an accident at the play ground today, which resulted in a huge goose egg bruise on her forehead (right side). She didn’t cry though, which is amazing, it looks awful! She is a tough cookie though!

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