Arlene’s $5 Footlong

The girls love Subway’s “Five Dollar Footlong” jingle and they loooove eating at Subway too, especially when we get Five Dollar Footlongs. Last year I had made sets of felt food for both of them, but Arlene took a particular interest in them and took over both sets. So I told her I’d make her a Five Dollar Footlong out of felt. The child is ECSTATIC about it! I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Here’s some pics, and the entire set is on my Flickr, here. She even gets a wrapper, bag, some napkins, and a gift card!

This footlong is stuffed full with all the fixins.

Detail of her meat and veggie choices.

The lettuce is my favorite. I went with whole leaf lettuce.

I like how the onions came out too.

A pepperoni and provolone footlong.

A cold cut combo with green peppers and cheese, just how I order it!

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