My next craft show

That title should have read: MY NEXT CRAFT SHOW HOLY CRAP I’M SO EXCITED! I was invited to participate in the OddMall “Emporium of the Weird” which is basically an odd title for a really cool craft show. The show is May 8 in Hudson, OH. It’s close to Mike’s parents house so we’ll get a visit in, and the craft show. The reason why I’m so excited about the show is because there are going to be a lot of hip and trendy crafters there. For example, check out these people: Mallory Hill, Abbydid (my crafter friend will be there and we have tables right beside each other – joy!!), B Radley, and Space Dog Studios. There won’t be any cement geese clothing for sale at Oddmall, that’s for sure. Or crafts made out of plastic canvas. Or cornhole sets.

NOW, I need to build up my stock, which I’ve been fervently working on the past few weeks. AND I’m considering opening up a whole new Etsy shop, with a new name, and take just that stock with me to the show. The new shop would only be for items that are sewn and/or have buttons, including my dolls, my new resin/embroidery pieces, and framed embroidery pieces. I was thinking of naming it “Needle, Thread, Button.” What do you think?

2 thoughts on “My next craft show

  1. Cement geese! That cracked me up. I still see those around sometimes. In seasonally-appropriate clothing, of course.I like “Needle, Thread, Button.” I immediately thought of “Cute as a Button,” but is that too obvious? Also, “Button Up!” or “The Curious Case of Wendy’s Buttons.”

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