Moist Towelette & Scent Sachet

I took the girls to McDonalds for dinner Friday night (I know, real fancy right?) and when we were done I nabbed some moist towelette packets to wipe up the grease from their hands and face. I realized, ‘hey, I need a little moist towelette carrier thing for my purse!’ When the girls were littler I carried around a diaper bag and wipes, but now that they’re older I don’t carry any maintenance things with me. But they’re still quite messy! And I need something convenient and close at hand. Alas, my moist towelette wallet for my purse!

And I also whipped up what I call “Scent Sachets!” They’re little squares of cute fabric stuffed with lavendar and flax seed. I had made a few for Christmas presents; they were fun and quick to make.

This “purple houses” I’m keeping for myself. The rest I’m giving away. Mike took the one with the little owls to hang in his car.

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