I think my idea just might work

As I eluded to in this (exceedingly long) post, I have a new idea for pendants. Combining embroidery and resin. I made a few test runs this weekend because my lacey-edged circles are still in the mail. I used flat-edge bezels that I already had, just to experiment, and I think my idea is going to work out just great! I experimented with different types of glue to adhere the embroidery work to the pendant base. There are the best two:

Four skinny trees:

This one WAS my favorite, until it decided to get all lop-sided and spill over. Ruined! DRAT! But I really like how the stitches look under the resin. I think the key to these is to do simple designs. And I need to be careful to make my stitches really super neat so that the back doesn’t show through (as noticed in the tree trunks above).

I’m anxious for my other bezels to come in. I’ve been sketching up some ideas on what to stitch! Stay tuned!

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