Much too much excitement over little things

I know that no one else probably really care about the info in this post, but I’m so incredibly excited about my recent find that I just have to gush.
Okay, backstory: waaay back when, when I started designing and making resin pendants, I realized that it was very difficult to find bezels (the metal backing-thingies). I finally found an online store that sold sterling silver bezels. I fell in love, and ordered quite a bit. Some of my favorite pendants were made with those bezels.
Sterling pendants:

Then I found some cool base metal (not sterling, but silver plated brass) oval bezels from a seller on Etsy, and made many a pendant and hair clip with them. I loved those bezels, because they were, and currently are, unique to Etsy – no one else is using them with resin. I love how the sides are lacey so you can see “into” the pendant. And, another bonus of them is that they basically cost 13 cents each, which meant that if one of them screwed up, it was okay, I was only out my time and my 13 cents. On the other hand, the sterling bezels ran $8 each … which was a bit more difficult to just eat the cost of a mistake.

Some of the oval pendants:

Resin is very difficult to work with – there have been many times over the course of the past year where I’ve threatened to just burn all of my supplies and rid myself of resin forever. Mixing the resin is toxic and if you get it anyplace other than the mixing container, you’re in a heap of trouble. Pouring the resin is toxic, and difficult. Resin has a mind of it’s own too, it can have bubbles one time, not the next. But you don’t know that there’s bubbles in there until the entire pendant has finished curing, which is 24 hours after you first made it. Another delightful property of resin is that it does what it wants. Mostly, it behaves and creates a delightful little dome shape inside the bezels. But there are times when it overflows and spreads all over and ruins the pendant. Hence eating the $8 mistake. Once a pendant overflows, it’s history and can’t be saved.
Anyway, in the last six months, the cost of sterling has risen. A bezel that cost me $8 before was now costing $12. I can’t just eat a $12 mistake! And, to make it worse, my supplier was starting to be sluggish in their shipping. It would sometimes take two weeks to get something to me. Frustrating! And, my purchase of the oval silver-plated bezels was a one-time deal, the supplier didn’t have any more like it for sale.
So for the past while now, I’ve been focusing more on fabric crafts – dolls – in my Etsy shop. I’ve enjoyed that craft immenesly, because I’m in charge of the performance of the fabric and the thread. I control my machine. And if I mess up, I’m out hardly any money. And of course the readily available supplies – I have JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels and Hobby Lobby all within about 10 minutes of my house! I stopped making resin pendants because I just couldn’t find a good supplier, and I got tired of spending money on bezels and not being able to recoup the costs, either because of a messed up pendant or because the pendant wasn’t selling on my shop.
I told myself that in 2009 I was going to develop items for my Etsy shop that would be unique and hopefully profitable. I’m not going to go into details now, because I’m not 100% sure my idea will work, but I will tell you that the ingredients of my idea are embroidery and resin and bezels! I decided to look online today to see if I could find any good bezels, and I hit upon the BEST retailer! They are called and they have EXACTLY what I was looking for! I wanted to find some more of the lacy edged silver-plated bezels. And I found them! They’re not as cheap as the other ones I got, but it’s still a great deal.
This is what I ordered:

Oval bezels with a sterling overlay (80 cents each!)

Two sizes of circle bezels with a silver overlay (75 cents each!) I am SO excited about these!

Silver pin and pendant backings (99 cents each!) It’s a two in one!

Barrette clips (75 cents each!) To attach resin-filled bezels to!

I am so incredibly excited I can barely contain myself! I know this probably all sounds stupid and if you’ve even reached the end of this blog post, I applaud you for sticking to it! I’m just super happy because I feel like I can fully develop my grand idea now, because I found some stellar cost-effective supplies!

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