Crochet Hook Cozy

I’ve decided that in 2009 I’m going to take pictures of the things that I make! I’m upset with myself that I didn’t take pictures of any of the Christmas gifts I made.
My first craft of 2009 is a Crochet Hook Cozy for my mother in law! She’s at home taking care of my father in law. You might remember he had a tumor removed from his abdomen last fall, well, the cancer came back. He had another tumor and had surgery on Dec. 17. He has lipo-sarcoma cancer, which attacks fat cells; it’s really rare. He got through the surgery fine and is at home recovering. My MIL is his full-time nurse now while he heals. She has been getting into crochet, and has been working on projects in her downtime, so I thought of the perfect gift for her – a crochet cozy! The cozy has five pockets for crochet hooks, a pocket for scissors, and it all rolls up, holding one skein of yarn and any works in progress. It’s her birthday Monday. I mailed it up last week and she got it and was thrilled, yay!
Here it is!
It rolls up and ties.

Close-up of ties:
Half unfolded:

Completely unfolded:

Close up of pocket (I stuck foldable scissors in there):

Close up of needle pockets:

She is just starting out crocheting, and has done a lot of scarves. I wanted to give her another idea. So I bought her two skeins of all-cotton yarn and made up a sample dishcloth for her. She told me that she made one already and it turned out great – yay!

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