What makes Santa "real"?

Today at the girls’ preschool party they got a visit from the big man in red. It was pretty cute to watch them hop up on his lap and tell them what they wanted for Christmas. They both said that they wanted a pony but really couldn’t think of much else. Which is why we really have no idea what to get them for Christmas! Yes, we haven’t done a stitch of shopping for them yet!

On the way home, I asked the girls if they liked their visit with Santa. Arlene said, “That wasn’t the real Santa.” I asked her why, and she said it was just a man “pretending” to be Santa. WHAT?! I couldn’t believe she was saying that! So I asked her to explain. What I got out of her was that it wasn’t the “real” Santa because the preschool Santa had jingle bells on his pockets, and the real Santa doesn’t have jingle bells on his pockets. Then she told me that the real Santa doesn’t wear glasses, and the preschool Santa did. Just then we saw a billboard that had a picture of Santa on it, and he had glasses on! Lydia says “Arlene Santa DOES wear glasses!” I asked Lydia if she thought the preschool Santa was the real one, and she said yes.

When we got home I tried taking a video of Arlene explaining why the Santa wasn’t real, and she’s about as clear as mud about it, but it’s a cute video regardless.

And then Lydia wanted me to take a video of her too.

I put all of the photos from today (and other photos from our Christmas photoshoot!) on my Flickr site, here.

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