Crafting at preschool

I took the day off work today and signed up to help at the girls’ Preschool Christmas party. I signed up to do a craft! They made little pipecleaner wreaths. I had to come up with something simple and quick that they could do, but I also wanted it to be a nice craft. It was a hit! The girls in the class really liked it; the boys in the class were more interested in digging out the beads and spilling them all over the table! I diverted them to the “Pin the nose on Ruloph” station so they’d let the girls make their wreaths. A few of the boys did well with it though. Here’s some pictures:

I use a paper punch to cut out all of the circles, then used a smaller punch to make the smaller holes in the center. I cut a lot of paper and the kids preferred the red beads, oh well! We have a lot of the beads left so we’ll have to do this craft next year too.

This is my sample wreath. (bad picture, sorry!)

This is Lydia’s wreath.

The girls in the class crafting.

At the end of the Christmas party the kids gave the parents a gift – these sweet little angels made out of their handprints, with their pictures on top! I promptly hung them up when we got home.

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