Talk like a toddler!

While we delightfully enjoy how smart our children are, Mike and I are shocked each day at what they say. They say smart things and use clever words like they are supposed to be used, words like “ridiculous” and “patience” and other three-syllable words. We know they’re picking those words up from us and the other people around them. But they are now starting to use slang words and other phrases that they just shouldn’t be using at four years old. I used to blame TV. So we’ve had a ban in place for about two weeks now on Hannah Montana. That sassy teenager isn’t allowed to be viewed in our house. We allow them to watch the Disney Channel in the morning when the cute shows like Higgly Town Heroes and Mickey Mouse Club House are on, and then if they want to watch TV later in the day, they watch PBS.

Yet, they’re still saying new things every day and we have no idea where they are hearing them! Are they hearing it at preschool? At the grocery store? Case in point, last night, we’re driving in the car, and the girls are on the lookout for Christmas lights. Arlene sees a particularly nice scene, and says, “Those Christmas lights are mad cool.” WHAT?! I turned around and asked her what she said, and she said it again, “Those Christmas lights are mad cool.” Mike and I don’t use that type of slang in the house! And I know that Curious George isn’t saying the man in the yellow hat is “mad cool”! What the heck! She used it again later in the night to say that something was “mad fun.”

I do believe we’re going to have our hands full when the girls’ age catches up with their vocabulary.

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