Speaking of handmade

Have you made the “Handmade” pledge for this holiday season? Oh come on, you really should. I’m not going 100% handmade this year, but I am making more stuff than I did last year. I didn’t have my sewing machine out last year, and this year I do, so watch out – wicked sewing action folks! I am serious though – please consider buying or gifting handmade. It doesn’t have to be elaborate handmade, just simple handmade. And there are many many many awesome reasonably priced gifts that you can buy that someone else has made. I’m doing that for the first time this year, and it feels really good – I get a thrill out of gifting handmade stuff, but maybe I’m just a dork? I don’t know. But anyway.

For gifting inspiration, I suggest you visit Etsy’s “Gift Guides” section, here. They break it down into themes and who you’re buying for. Or, go to Cafe Homemade, here. You can browse different crafters’s work and if you want to purchase, it links you to their online store, which most are on Etsy. Or, while this is not entirely handmade, I have been salivating over Design*Sponge’s gift guide – gifts under $25. Check it out here. Santa could bring me everything in that gift guide if he so chooses!

If you do make or buy handmade, tell me about it! It would please me. Really, it would. I’d tell you some of the things that I’ve made, but there are people who read this blog who are going to be getting the gifts, so I don’t want to spoil it. I’ll share my handmade treasures after Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Speaking of handmade

  1. A. says:

    I’m trying! I made yours all by myself! Woo-hoo!I gave something you made to Barbara. And I’m giving handmade to two other friends that I can think of off the top of my head.I am going to stray a bit (unless you can hand-make me a laptop for my bro), but I’m definitely doing better than last year!

  2. Thanks for mentioning Cafe Handmade! We appreciate the extra exposure and so do all the artists that are on the site!KerriOwner/PromoterCafe Handmade.com

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