What a week! TGIF!

This has been one heck of a week. I for one, am super glad that it’s the weekend. I kept the girls home from preschool on Monday because they both had green snot coming out of their noses. Yuck! The day went okay, I went to work, got home, had dinner, everything is fine. Then while we’re playing games with the girls, Arlene tells us that her ear hurts. Oh no. Both of the girls had colds since Sunday. Just sniffely noses and coughs, nothing too severe. As we get closer to bed time, Arlene starts really freaking out about her ear, screaming and crying. We put them to bed, and five minutes later Arlene was screaming in bed. Now, you must know that this child does NOT freak out or cry about much. She is an easy-going child, and a tough one too. She rarely complains about something, unless it hurts her a lot. So for her to be screaming, we knew it must have been bad.

We tried everything – I rocked her, she fell asleep but then woke up five minutes later screaming. I read to her, put her in our bed, she nodded off, but woke up screaming. We couldn’t take it – it was seriously freaking us out! We figured it was just an ear infection, but she was obviously hurting a lot. So at about 9:30 p.m. we decided she needed to get into urgent care. i didn’t want her to be in pain all night. I called our urgent care office, they didn’t have a pediatrician on hand, so she needed to go to the urgent care at the local Children’s Hospital. I called them, they were “at capacity” for the night, so I was directed to the new Children’s Hospital branch about 25 minutes north of us. We got in the car, and Arlene fell asleep.

We had to go to Emergency, which felt a little weird because I knew it wasn’t anything too serious, but still, my child was in pain and I wanted it to stop so she could sleep. It took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. We got out of there at midnight – it took us two hours to get treatment. And it was just an ear infection. They gave her some strong Motrin and it allowed her to sleep – she was sleeping the entire time we were there, even when the doctor examined her. She’s on an antibiotic, and woke up Wednesday with a bright smile on her face! Aren’t kids funny like that – screaming and crying and hurting but then 12 hours later, just fine!

I for one, was not fine on Tuesday. I was super tired and felt like I was coming down with the cold, so I stayed home from work. The girls and I stayed in our PJs all day and rested up. By Tuesday night the girls were restless and feeling better and they were driving me crazy. I was pretty happy to go to work on Wednesday, I know that sounds terrible! They were just all cooped up and ready to have fun. They went to preschool on Wednesday and were fine today. This week just seemed messed up from our late-night adventure on Monday night. This week flew by!

We are going camping this weekend – and going to the Sauerkraut Festival, yay! Miles and miles of crafts! My heaven! I’m so just going to relax this weekend and enjoy myself and the family – sickness free!

* Isn’t that picture cute – she was out cold at the hospital so I just had to take a picture. Sleepy angel!

One thought on “What a week! TGIF!

  1. I am glad to here she is feeling better!I have been sick, I spent ALL DAY saturday in my comfy clothes, watching movies or shows online and barely making it out from under my blankets on the couch. It was fantastic, even with the fair amount of teasing I got from T. for doing nothing all day.

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