What a birthday!

The girls’ birthday day and party was a blast! For their birthday, we were going to go to Build-A-Bear, but after I went online and checked the prices of the bears (yikes!) we decided to do something else. We took them to a pumpkin patch and got pumpkins and played. Then we went to Chuck-E-Cheese! They were sooooo excited! When we left the restaurant, Arlene said, “This was much better than the bear place!” They didn’t miss the bears at all – thank goodness!

Friday was their birthday party. They got soo many nice presents from everyone. They sure are loved! We had a taco bar for dinner, a Barbie cake and pumpkin flavored ice cream! It was a blast!
Their celebration continued onto Saturday – we met Amber in Lima and had a really nice visit!

The girls (and us too!) had a ton of fun celebrating! The girls are busy bees playing with all of their new toys.
Check out some pictures:
I put all of the b-day celebration photos on our Flickr site here.

3 thoughts on “What a birthday!

  1. Wendy, sell your moms dresses on your site. She is a wonderful seamstress!!!! I think Aunt Linda needs to dust off her machine! Sewing for love is different than sewing for profit. BUT, I think everything your mom has sewn for the girls is sellable! Where else did you get your talent??

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