A letter to my little girls on their big birthday

My dearest Two Stars,

Hello my little lovelies. I have been wanting to sit down and write you a letter for awhile now, just to tell you a little bit about yourselves. I decided to do it today, on your birthday. I decided to put it on my blog, so that someday you can read it. I hope this blog lasts that long. (I should probably back it up on some sort of memory server, hm, I’ll have to look into that.)

Well girls, you are my Two Stars. You were miraculous little babies, and someday I will explain to you how you came to be. When you’re older and when you can understand it. It’s quite an extraordinary story involving an angel and a miracle from God. Your daddy and I have never, and will never, stop appreciating the special circumstances that brought you both to us. When I found out I was pregnant with you, it was the greatest moment! When you were born, even greater!

The minute you were born, you were instantly loved fully and completely by your daddy and me and all of your relatives. Your grandparents, Granma and Papa Corbin and Granda Diane and Papa Gary love you so very much – you are very special little girls to everyone. Your uncles Jason, Jeremy and Brian (and your pseudo-uncle Jeremy) and your Aunt Annie (and your pseudo-aunt Amber) and your cousin Haley, Sam and Joey, all love you!

You both were so little when you were born! Arlene was a little peanut, and Lydia was bit bigger. Lydia, you have always been bigger than Arlene, we call you the “big sister”. Your daddy jokes that when I was in labor with you, the doctor gave me a shot of a steroid to help you grow a little more, and he says that you got all of the shot. Lydia was born first, then Arlene. You were a minute apart.

I was so excited to be your mommy! I was off of work for almost four months when you were born, and I loved that time so very much. Daddy stayed home with us for awhile, but for the most part is was just you guys and me, and Granma Corbin to help. We had a lot of fun! I work full-time, and many times that makes me sad, because I wish that I could be with you all day every day. But your daddy and I made the choice before you were born that I would continue working, and I don’t regret it, even though it is really hard to leave you in the morning. Your Granma watches you while I work, and she is second best to me. You have a lot of fun with her! I am a lucky mommy because I don’t have to worry about you during the day, I know that you are taken care of very well.

You girls are rarely apart from one another. Aside from two nights when Lydia was really little and had to go into the hospital for a high fever, you have slept in the same room ever since you were born. You spend day and night together, and you hardly ever fight. You balance each other out.

Lydia, you are a little cuddly lover, with a gentle spirit and you look out for your sister and your mommy and daddy. If someone gets hurt, you feel very badly for them and try to help out as much as you can. When Arlene was sick to her stomach last night, you brought her favorite toys to her and held her cracker bag and water while she had a snack. You love your baby dolls and play “mommy” or “teacher” with Arlene – you pretend that you are the mommy or the teacher and that you are in charge of taking care of Arlene. You bring a smile to my face every day and I cherish your hugs. You have an adult’s vocabulary and your one-liners are hilarious. Our power went out the other night and you said to me, “This is the worse time for this to happen!”

Arlene, you are a tough little cookie. You are a thinker and you love to build things and figure things out. You love to play with your Lincoln Logs and you build “book houses” out of your books. You set up your books in the shape of a house and that house can be as big as our living room! Then you pretend that you live in the house and you invite Lydia over to eat dinner with you. You give out hugs and kisses and cuddles, but you are selective with your cuddly time. You’d rather be running around or playing rather than sitting and cuddling. You love Hannah Montana and as much as that drives your daddy and I crazy, we do think it’s cute when you give us “concerts” of all of your favorite Hannah songs.

You are both VERY smart. You can hear a song or story or rhyme one time, and you know the words. You both love books and every day you spend at least an hour sitting and looking at or reading your books. It’s probably more than an hour a day! You go to preschool two days a week and you really enjoy it. Last year you were in preschool for one day a week. Your teacher told me that you were the smartest little girls in the class! You have a lot of fun in preschool. You got to go swimming last week and you couldn’t stop talking about it, you had a blast.

Lydia, your favorite things are: your woobie (you have TWO woobies, and you must have both of them or you can’t go to sleep at night), Tinkerbell, Barbies, princesses (you like them all, you don’t have a specific favorite), Pinkie Pie, books and especially the joke book at Granma’s house, playing Memory (you win almost every time!), purses and bags (you stuff as many things possible that’ll fit into your purses and bags! I have found some interesting things in your bags, like a pink comb that I had been missing, a whole horde of hair barrettes, scraps of paper), Halloween and pumpkins (you’ve been trained well, my child), Clifford the Big Red Dog, milk (especially chocolate milk), books, Carebears, drawing or writing “lists” and practicing writing your name, singing songs, dancing like a ballerina, and wearing barrettes in your hair, among other things!

Arlene, your favorite things are: Hannah Montana of course! (You love to watch Hannah’s show and sing along to her songs), your pink Hannah Montana shirt, (I’ve sort of swayed you on this, but for the longest time you refused to get dressed unless one of your items of clothing was pink), books, things to build with (your Legos and Lincoln Logs, and you use unconventional things to build ‘houses’), dancing, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, singing, candy, pumpkins, Jack and Sally, Ariel, going to Gold Star and eating cheese hotdogs, Barbies, watching movies, being independent and doing things yourself, taking bubble baths, running and jumping and doing somersaults, being silly, telling fart jokes, dressing yourself and picking out clothes that “match”, going shopping, going to the park and swinging, and the Disney Channel, among other things!

I am so looking forward to watching you both grow up. I’m proud that you’re independent little girls, and I know that you can do whatever you set out to do. Your daddy and I hear all the time that you are both very smart, and we are so proud of you for being so smart. You think and you strategize and you even outsmart us at times. You are little sponges and you suck up all of the information that you can. The things that you say just crack us up! Your daddy and I are so lucky to be your parents, and our biggest hope is that our family will stay as closely knit as it is right now as we all grow older. Our most favorite thing to do is to spend time together. I hope that we always love to be together.

I was going to include into this letter some pictures of you throughout the years, but it was tooo hard to choose which ones I wanted to include! We have a TON of photos of you girls. Someday when I have the time, I’m going to print out the digital photos that we have and put them in great big fat photo albums so that we can look through them whenever we want to.

Always remember that your daddy and I love you and we will support you in wherever your life leads you! You are our life, you are our shining stars.

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