Lydia got her new braces!

***If you’ve landed on my blog from searching the ‘net for info on tip toe walking or serial casting or AFO braces, hello. This particular post here is one in a number I wrote about my daughter’s tip toe walking. I encourage you to start with this post instead. It encapsulates our journey more succinctly.***

Lydia’s new day-time braces came in! We got them last Friday but had to search for shoes that fit them. The braces are longer than her foot, and wide, so we had a dickens of a time trying to find the right shoes. Tonight we went to Stride Rite and found the cutest shoes, and they don’t look like ski’s on her feet. I think they look cute! She struggles a little bit walking in the braces because they will not allow her walk on her tip-toes. She’ll wear the braces for an hour Wednesday, then two hours on Thursday and so on until she builds up to eight hours a day. She has to wear them for eight hours a day every day. Once it’s pants weather I bet you couldn’t even tell that she had the braces on because her pants would cover them up. She’s got a super great attitude about them too, which is just awesome. I’m nervous for her to wear them to preschool, but kids are so much more accepting than adults, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

This is the third thing we’ve tried to stop her from tip-toe walking, and I hope it works. We’ve tried squeeker shoes, night-time braces (which she will still wear) and now these day-time braces. She’ll wear these for at least six months. I hope these do the trick! Lydia’s entire tip-toe walking story is here (read from the bottom up). More pics:

She cracks me up with her poses!

4 thoughts on “Lydia got her new braces!

  1. Just read through all the posts on your daughter’s toe walking. What a happy, brave girl you have! And kudos must be given to you, to have made this so comfortable a situation for her to be able to act in such a way.

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing the story. My son is 4 and he just got his AFO yesterday. He was really upset wearing it and he keep bagging me not letting him wear it.. We let him practice wearing it at home last night. Then maybe let him wear it to preschool starting next Monday.

    Did Lydia also wear the AFO to preschool? Did it stop her any activity at preschool?
    You know, for son, it is tough…He wants to be fast, he wants sports, and boys tend to be teased for toe-walking more than girls. Me and my husband keep asking ourselves should we let him wear it or not, just like you mentioned in your blog. I know how tough it is as a Idiopathic Toe Walking parents.

    Again, thanks so much for sharing!


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