First day of preschool!!

Today is the girls’ first day of preschool!

I started this blog on the eve of the girls’ first day of preschool last year. Read my very first post here. (My actual One Year Bloggerverary is September 12.) Last year I was soooo nervous for them to start school because I knew it was something brand new for them and I wasn’t sure how they were going to act. This year, I wasn’t nervous at all, they’re pros at the school thing!

I did have a moment of heart-pounding panic when I walked out of the school … that always happens. A series of thoughts go through my head “OMG a non-relative is in charge of them! What if Lydia cries for me? What if Arlene pees her pants? What if they get lost in the school? What if they don’t like the teacher? What if the teacher doesn’t watch them closely enough and they wander out of their classroom and out of the school building and onto the street? Ahhhh!” But then, I take a deep breath and I just keep walking to my car, and I calm down. I have to force myself just to keep walking, leave, go to work, they’ll be fine.

If you notice in the picture, they have new backpacks this year, and I absolutely hate that they have handles on them, but they are the ONLY backpacks I could find that fit them. Why don’t they make little-tike sized backpacks, that are normal? The girls of course love the handles, Arlene calls it her “suitcase.”

I just realized that I had dressed Arlene in the same shirt that she wore her last day of preschool last year. I hope no one remembers! Hah! That post is here.

The girls go to school two days a week for 2.5 hours. I took them to school this morning but I don’t know if my work schedule will allow me to do that from now on. I’m still trying to work that out.

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