Lydia vs. the TV stand

Lydia lost.

Lydia bit the dust right in front of the TV stand this afternoon and now has a huge bruise right by her eye. We are lucky she didn’t fall just one inch to the right because her eye would have taken the brunt of it.
Lydia is so accident prone! We’ve had Lydia vs. the Pavement – the pavement won and Lydia chipped her front tooth. Then there was Lydia vs. the Recliner – she got her foot caught in the footrest and it squished her as she tried to get out.
She got over her accident today pretty quickly but for a few minutes we thought for sure we’d have to take her to the ER. Poor girl. I took this picture of her while she was in the bath because when her hair was pulled from her face her injury looked worse.

2 thoughts on “Lydia vs. the TV stand

  1. ouch. that looks painful. my 4 year old is very accident prone! the other day she fell/rolled down the steps…right in front of me. i couldn’t catch her because i was holding the 19 month old. oh man. that was scary. but we’ve had: Olivia v. the coffee table (two or 3 times), olivia v. the very hard floor at Toys r Us, olivia v. the playground at daycare….and the list goes on.

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