Much, much doll love

I am thrilled beyond words! My dolls are going over very well! I put them all on the site Monday night and was contacted right away by the blogger who wanted to buy two and put them on her site, which is here. THEN, I got an email from another blogger who invited me to participate in a give-a-way during the month of October. I’m going to be making her a doll to give-a-way, an in turn increase traffic to my shop. I will send pics and details of that later. But the BEST news came today!!! I was contacted by a shop owner of a little boutique in Tennesee who purchased NINE dolls from me to sell in her shop! I am so delighted!! She said she found the dolls last night and fell in love with them. Her shop carries arts and crafts type of merchandise. I am so, so happy! I can’t believe I’ve gotten this much doll love in just the four short days that they’ve been listed in my shop!

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