Plan B for Lydia’s toe walking

***If you’ve landed on my blog from searching the ‘net for info on tip toe walking or serial casting or AFO braces, hello. This particular post here is one in a number I wrote about my daughter’s tip toe walking. I encourage you to start with this post instead. It encapsulates our journey more succinctly.***

We’ll be trying something else to help Lydia’s toe-walking. We went to phyiscal therapy yesterday and Lydia hasn’t gained much movement in her ankles, depsite wearing the night braces. (read the entire story here) The braces were intended to keep her feet and ankles in the correct position (a 45 degree angle) while she slept, but also to stretch out her tendons so that she can walk correctly. That hasn’t happened, so the phyiscal therapist wants us to get braces that Lydia will wear all day. She has made a few degrees of improvement, but not enough to be able to walk heel-to-toe comfortably. So the next step will be a big one: wear braces during the day for an entire year. We need to get her new braces because there is a difference between the night braces and the daytime braces. I’m not too crazy about her having to wear braces all of the time, but her toe-walking needs to stop. With the day braces on, she won’t be able to walk on her toes at all, which will hopefully force her to get rid of the habit of doing it. The braces will also stretch out her tendons. I hope it works! She gets casted for the braces in a few weeks.

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