I need your opinion!

**Update: I made another doll, pics below** For the past month, I have been working on perfecting a rag doll pattern. You see, I got into making dolls after Emily Martin (Etsy’s most successful seller) was on Martha Stewart and offered a free pattern of her dolls. I thought, how easy! I made five of her dolls. Some of which are photographed below. Well then I thought, I want to sell dolls! When I was at the Marketplace, I kept thinking that if I had dolls there, they’d sell. However, I couldn’t use Emily’s pattern, because it was copyrighted.
So I set out to make my own pattern. The rag doll itself isn’t any new thing – they’ve been around for hundreds of years. But the shape of Emily’s doll and the porportions were hers. I tinkered with the pattern and made a few oddly shaped dolls (that Lydia loves completely, funny!) and finally, finally, came up with a pattern that I believe is my own. It’s similar to Emily Martin’s, as are all rag dolls. But I believe my doll is very Wendy.
Take a look, and let me know what you think.

Those (above) are the Black Apple Dolls.

My doll:

New dollie:

I embroidered two stars on her bottom – bottom right.

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