The Marketplace Part Deux

So I have some ideas for my next Marketplace. I’d love to have your advice. Since I’ll have a canopy next time, I thought I’d draw some attention to myself by making a little banner. Something along the lines of this (click here). I’d make it out of felt and bright colors. Also, a lot of people didn’t seem to know that my stuff was handmade, so perhaps a sign saying “handmade jewelry” is in order? Here’s some other ideas that I had:

1.) I had made and displayed all of the pendants on cords or wires. It was a little awkward to display them all together without getting tangled. I had an idea: I could separate the pendants by price and put them together in a bowl or a box, then offer the cords or wires separately. Do you think that would work? I have five different prices levels of my pendants, based on the metals I used.

2.) I was also thinking about making a few plush dolls and seeing how those would sell. It seemed like from the crowd we had yesterday that people might be interested in them. I had made dolls for some friends based off of the BlackApple pattern. Pics of those dolls here. I can’t technically sell dolls just like those because they are copyright of the BlackApple. But I could alter the pattern and make up my own dollies. What do you think?

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