Oh now that’s lovely

We’ve been having an on-going battle with the girls at night. Lydia loves to come into our bed in the middle of the night and make herself comfortable. It was really cute at first, but then it started to get annoying because she’d lay practically on my face or on my legs, and I wasn’t getting any sleep. We let her get away with it longer than we should have, so we had to take drastic measures to put a stop to it. It was becoming a bad habit. So, we put up a baby gate on our door frame – she could still get up and go to the bathroom if she needed to, or if she needed us, she could get our attention from the gate. The gate works well – I’ve heard her get up, walk over to our room, see the gate, and turn right back around and head to her bed, without getting upset at all. I’ve almost broken my knee cap running into the gate in the middle of the night, and Mike has tripped over it as well, but overall it works good. Last night I forgot to put the gate up. I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a cold knee. Wait a minute. That feels wet. Arlene’s in bed with me. What the heck? I turn on the light. OMG. Arlene had (for some reason!) gotten up out of her bed, changed out of her pull-up, put on underwear, came into our bed, fell back to sleep, and had a pee-pee accident! WONDERFUL! Arlene hardly ever comes into our bed! URGH! I was so annoyed, and tired, so I wasn’t in the best of moods. Mike was already up and leaving for work. I stripped our bed and started the laundry. Arlene decided she was up for good, which should make for an interesting day – a sleep-deprived toddler is a scary sight! Lydia woke up 10 minutes later and says, “Um, mommy? I have to tell you something.” That’s never a good sign. She told me that she felt water on her bed. YAY! SHE PEED HER BED TOO! At least she just peed her own bed, and not mine! Needless to say I’m a bit tired and cranky today!

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