Last day of preschool!

I started this here blog the day before the girls’ first day of preschool, on September 12. I have posts about it here and here. Today, May 15, is their last day of preschool for the school year!

September 2007 – first day of preschool!

May 2008 – last day of preschool!

Look at those big girls! I love the comparison between the two photos. What do I see? I see sweet little girls from 2007 that were a bit nervous to start on a new adventure. They had never been away from a family member and now they were going to spend two hours a week with a stranger. But they were excited – going to preschool means they’re getting to be “big girls!” Arlene loved preschool right away. She engaged with the other kids and the teachers and never ever complained about going. Lydia had a few issues in the beginning. She went through a spell for a couple of weeks where she’d scream whenever I tried to leave. But she got over it and got just as adjusted as Arlene. The teacher told us during their evaluations in April that they were the most advanced in the class – but of course! In today’s picture, I see the same little sweeties, but I also see a bit of sass in them, because I know that before taking that picture, I had a twenty minute argument with Arlene about which socks she was going to wear today. I see confident little BIG GIRLS who love to have new adventures and who have embraced learning with excitement. They are like sponges, constantly picking up new information and new words and phrases. I’m so proud of them!

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