Can someone please tell my husband to get with it!

I’m not what you would call a real “materialistic” person. I don’t have to have the latest trends nor do I have to wear designer clothes. I don’t get my nails done, I don’t get facials, and I’ve only had two pedicures in my lifetime. I do, however, like myself a nice purse. Case in point, I bought that purse (to the left) last November. Read that, November. And I’ve carried it every day since I got it. I want a new purse now, because I’ve had that one since November, and I’m tired of looking at it. My mom crocheted me an adorable green purse which I carried for two weeks, but the handles aren’t long enough to put it over my shoulder, and I need to be able to put it over my shoulder so I can hold the girls’ hands when we go out. (sorry Mom! I’ll use that green purse as a catch-all bag when we go camping – it’ll be perfect!)
So anyway, I tell my husband that I want to get a new purse from Etsy. My husband says, “You just bought a purse.” I say, “No I didn’t, I bought it seven months ago.” He says, “You can use a purse for longer than that.” I say, “There are some women who change their purses with every season!” He says, “Well then wait until November to get a new one!” Whatev dummy-head. I need a new purse! Don’t you agree?! I’m due.

I’ve got my eye on purcashing one of these:

Cinammon Big Pleated Bag

Saavy Sense Hobo Slouch Bag

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