Embroidery & Crochet package

I got the BEST package in the mail Saturday – a whole lotta crochet and embroidery from the past! My cousin had stashes of our great-grandmother’s crochet and embroidery. She gratiously parted with some of it and sent it my way. I so cherish it. These pictures doesn’t do it justice in any way, and it’s not even the half of what she sent. Now I have a bunch of couch arm doilies that Great Grandma had made. I’m on a mission to find those curved pins that stick them into the couch so that I can use a set. Did your Grandma have couch doilies? So fun. I also got pillowcases that have crocheted edges and a couple of table cloths and a bunch of other crochet doilies.

My favorite pieces are the embroidered ones:

This one is my all-time favorite. The peacock is stunning!

I’m keeping the stash in storage for now, hopefully to bring it out when we move! I want to frame the peacock piece.
I told my husband – see, this is why I love to do crafts so much, it’s in my blood! Both my paternal and maternal grandmothers were crafty!

2 thoughts on “Embroidery & Crochet package

  1. A. says:

    I have a bunch of this stuff too, problem is, I don’t know who made it – my grandma? one of my great-grandmas? Billy’s family? Arg.

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