Whistle lollipops!

We went to Dave & Busters on a double date with friends this Saturday night (way fun!) and had a blast playing skeeball and basketball and water races, racking up the tickets. Although, we were the old fuddy duddies there with a measly amount of tickets (there were youngsters running around with buckets packed full of tickets; ours fit into the palm of my hand!) so our pickings were slim when it came to cash them in in the “Winners Circle.” But we found the GEMS: whistle pops! I used to LOVE these when I was a kid! I was all excited to serenade Mike with my whistle pop skillz, but he let the cat out of the bag when we got home and told the girls about them, drat! (I was not planning on sharing!) but, being a good little mommy, I gave them to the girls. They had fun trying to play songs and they even let me whistle out a few tunes too.

One thought on “Whistle lollipops!

  1. I LOVED whistle pops!!! I always went for the blue – YUM!I have never been to a Dave & Busters but want to SO bad! Maybe if T&I ever make it down to that area to visit we will have to stop!

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