Second IKEA shopping trip!

On Sunday Arlene and I went to IKEA, and I don’t know what everyone is carrying on about – the store wasn’t a zoo! It was busy, but we were able to navigate it just fine. I had been fearful about going on the weekend because we have heard horror stories about having to wait in a line to get in and having to wait half hour to check out. It wasn’t bad at all – we got right in, got our stuff and only had to wait five minutes to check out. We have our first official piece of IKEA furniture! I had been wanting a chair for our living room FOR.EVER. and we got a little IKEA club chair and a footstool. It is so cute. Arlene loved IKEA … she was very happy in the children’s department and we bought new plastic silverware – an 18 piece set for $1.99 – you can’t beat that deal. I discovered that IKEA has a fabric department! WATCH OUT! Talk about dangerous! I bought pillow forms and a mini bolt of fabric to make pillows for the new chair. The fabric is sticking out of our bag in the picture – it’s pink, green and white striped. I just love that store. I should wear a bib in there because I drool over everything.

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