I’m getting a lift

I find this a little strange, but I’m going with it. I bought a new pair of shoes for our Annual Dinner at work at the beginning of March. I got the cutest pair of heels. I have never owned a pair of heels. I own two pairs of shoes that have a bit of lift in the back, but they are chunky heels, not pencil heels. I walked a little wobbly at the Dinner, but I got the hang of it. I only half slipped once, and I quickly corrected myself and I don’t think anyone noticed. I found another super cute pair of patent leather black heels at Kohls Wednesday for $10 on clearance and I wore them to work today. I felt a bit dressed up at first but by the end of the day I really was liking wearing them. As I said, I find this strange, this little shoe development I’m going through, but whatever, I’m going with it …

* P.S. I will never wear heels with jeans as pictured here. It was the only G rated picture of “heels” that I found when I google imaged “heels” to illustrate my post.

One thought on “I’m getting a lift

  1. I have recently purchased a couple pairs of heels. I don’t wear them often b/c I am already just over 5’10” without shoes & I feel like Godzilla in heels and more importanly I am VERY clumsy. I have to have a slightly thicker heel, anything thin I feel like I am going to fall over….I just can’t wear them. Maybe it is the altitude, the air is thinner up here and my balance is off! 😉I like heels with long/dark/wide leg jeans. Though when I wear jeans I would much rather have on flat shoes! That picture – cracks me up!

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