I had a wonderful birthday!

I had a great great great birthday weekend, thanks to my lovely husband and children! I came home from work Friday with the house all decorated and the girls yelling “Surprise Mommy!” It was so sweet.

We even played pin the tail on the donkey!
I got many awesome presents too! I am so spoiled! I got an Ipod dock for my office and it’s super cool because it has an AM/FM tuner so I can listen to Reds day games! I also got a Starbucks gift card, an IKEA gift card, a Lane Bryant gift card, a huge box of Nerds candy (yummy), the new Sophie Kinsella noval (didn’t even know it was out!!), some Asti Spumonti, a DQ ice cream cake!!!, a box of my fav treat, Andes Mints, a trip to Belterra Casino Friday night, and a non-kid night on Friday night! (they had a sleepover at their grandparent’s.)

It was an awesome weekend!

2 thoughts on “I had a wonderful birthday!

  1. OH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!That does sound like a pretty awesome birthday!!! Great gift cards!I LOVE DQ Ice Cream Cakes! I asked for an ice cream cake for my birthday in April. Unfortunatly our DQ does not sell ice cream cakes (grrrr) but I get one from Cold Stone Creamery which is still pretty great!

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